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Are you ready for a new Homeland? Read on.

This suspenseful thriller is packed full of action and drama and keeps you wondering what's on the next page.

This is one of the most realistic novels I've read on the internal struggles of being someone dealing with stopping terrorism.

I feel that this exactly what I looked for for past several years to read. Fantastic book.

R. Steven, United States, Amazon​

Jane Geddis, United States, Goodreads​

Bob Marthin, United States, Smashwords​

Shades of Terror political triller
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A dead man is found in a dumpster in a New York back alley. At first glance everything points to a vicious street mugging. John Kramer is summoned to take over the investigation and finds himself in the middle of a far reaching and deadly conspiracy, which quickly turns into the FBI’s worst nightmare.

A resourceful and brilliant terrorist plans to avenge the death of his mentor and orchestrates an atrocious mega attack that could shatter the foundations of the U.S. nation and spread the word of terror across the globe.

John receives unexpected help to hunt down the terrorists, but is held back by his sense of justice.  Can John turn into a ruthless hunter to bring down the terrorist cell in time and prevent the attack?

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One of the best!!! Feeling like the real thing in terms of understanding the DNA of the powers behind today's terror world.

Harry, United States, Amazon​

I enjoyed this book a lot and can recommend it to everyone who's into thrillers and suspense.

N. Alexander, United States, Amazon ​

What is so great about this book is that it's believable.

Yvonne Balmer, United States, Smashwords​

From the Middle East to Europe to the streets of New York. Shades of Terror is a scary, fast paced and action packed read that will keep you up all night.

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